3-D Advising: How to Deduce, Diagnose and Develop a Plan to Meet Student Needs (EDUN77A)

Presented By: Dr. Sue Ohrablo , Ed.D
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75 minutes
1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT
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Event Description

Use the 3-D Approach to Advising to Maximize Service to Students and Increase Efficiency

Academic advisors are inundated with student appointments, calls, walk-ins, and email inquiries. The nature of the work may, at times, seem to be repetitive, and it is easy to quickly provide answers to commonly asked questions. However, advisors are cautioned not to engage in one-dimensional, rote advising. By engaging in thoughtful investigation and research, advisors can help to effectively problem-solve, trouble-shoot, anticipate student needs, and help students to avoid obstacles. By doing so, they can maximize service to students, increase efficiency, and reduce overall workload.

It is essential that you engage in strategic research, analysis, and investigation of student records in order to comprehensively serve the students with whom you work. Without engaging in thorough research, you risk creating barriers instead of removing them. In this session, expert speaker Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D., will examine real-world scenarios to identify pitfalls in advising as well as strategies for improvement. You will learn how to use your student information systemsor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to proactively engage in problem-solving and research.

Session Highlights

  • Identify characteristics of one-dimensional advising
  • Learn about a 3-D approach to advising: deduce, diagnose, and develop
  • Learn how to deduce causality of student problems and roadblocks
  • Examine how to diagnose common barriers that can be investigated and removed by advisors
  • Explore how to develop a plan of action and problem-resolution
  • Learn how to engage in problem-solving through strategic use of student information systems
  • Examine strategies for anticipating student needs
  • Discuss best practices through examination of real-world scenarios

Who Should Attend

  • Academic advisors
  • Student affairs professionals
  • Financial aid personnel
  • Registrars
  • One-stop shop personnel
  • Higher education administrators

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get a direct response from our extremely knowledgeable speaker.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Sue Ohrablo Ed.D
Sue is a nationally recognized speaker in the areas of academic advising and student services. Her presentations blend theory and practice, and include real-world scenarios for professionals to apply as they work to support students. Sue's areas of expertise include comprehensive developmental advising, student engagem... More info

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    Event Title: 3-D Advising: How to Deduce, Diagnose and Develop a Plan to Meet Student Needs
    Presenter(s): Dr. Sue Ohrablo , Ed.D