Advising Students on Probation: Helping Students to Persist and Succeed (EDUD53D)

Presented By: Kent Seaver
Pre-recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Tue, December 15, 2015
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1.0 Credit
Event Description

Learn to successfully help Students on Academic Probation cross the Finish Line and become Graduates!

"Just because a student stumbles on their way through college does not mean they cannot reach the finish line".

The Educational Resources Information Center reports that there are significant drawbacks to academic probation. A great number of students who are placed on academic probation struggle to return to college institutions, let alone graduate, due to feelings of discouragement. To avoid this cycle of failure and frustration, it is important that colleges and students realize that every tool in their respective arsenals must be utilized to successfully halt this drastic problem.

The specific challenges, aside from feeling of decreased worth, faced by students are many, including but limited to economic challenges, social stigma, and the overall lack of understanding about what to do next. This session with expert speaker Kent Seaver will outline steps that have been successful in higher education for the purpose of replication: if one college can do it maybe another can learn from it.

This session will look at the entire academic probation issue from beginning to end: why students take the classes they do, what hinders those students’ ability to successfully function in certain academic settings, and most importantly what steps can we as educators take to turn a probation student into a college graduate. Specific detail will be given to ideas implanted at colleges and universities that can and have been replicated elsewhere. You will be able to take back to your institutions possible and practical answers and solutions to the problem of students not succeeding. These answers are beneficial because they have worked elsewhere; they are not just theory!

Session Highlights

This program will provide answers to these and other important questions, such as:

  • In what ways do academic interventions help, and also hinder, student success?
  • How "success coaches" can be utilized at various stages of the intervention
  • Making students aware of the various resources (i.e. tutoring and labs) on your campus
  • Investigate the reasons certain student fall into the "probation trap"
  • Involving the faculty as an important link to overcoming the trap of probation

Who should attend?

  • Academic advisors and advising administrators
  • Student success center leaders and personnel
  • Student affairs professionals - including career services, orientation, housing, student conduct, etc.
  • Faculty advisors
  • HR Professionals

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About Our Speaker(s)

Kent Seaver
Kent Seaver has 18 years of experience in the field of student assessment and academic success. At North Lake College in Irving, TX he has enjoyed success in working with the new to college student, home school students, , transfer students, and returning student veterans. He is presently the Director of Learning Resou... More info

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