Appreciative Admissions: Using Appreciative Advising to Your Admission Process and Effectively Recruit Students of All Ages (EDU862W)

Presented By: Kent Seaver
Pre-recorded Webinar
90 minutes
Thu, August 25, 2016
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Event Description

Applying the Concept of Appreciative Admissions to Models of Academic Advising.

Regardless of what office handles admissions, the process has shifted in recent years. Various models, and structures, exist in the way schools advice new-to-college students. Regardless of who is doing the talking at intake, certain questions and methods should be utilized to ensure that students feel they made the right choice, not to mention their parent(s).

While FTEs (bodies in seats) are still viewed as an indicator in some places, more and more emphasis is being placed on how well those bodies do in college, i.e. succeed. Admissions and Advising are normally the first line of communication with prospective students, so it’s important for these areas to know where the best chances of success lie, and that appears to be with appreciative admissions.

This webinar, by expert speaker Kent Seaver, an expert in the field of student assessment, will discuss the real meaning of Appreciative Admission. By applying Dr. Jennifer Bloom’s concepts of Appreciative Admission to accepted models of Academic Advising, you will gain an understanding of what needs to be addressed at the intake process. You’ll also learn how repeated exposure to advising resources can enable the student to be successful in every aspect of their higher educational career.

Additionally, the session will examine the Process Structure Model of Intake Advising, as well as the use of data as it relates to iPass.

Session Highlights:

  • Application of Dr. Bloom’s model to the intake process.
  • Factors that led students to choose your institution and how to distinguish and elevate your institution from others.
  • Making advisors, and students, aware of the various resources that assist in completion.
  • Addressing Career Services effectively and understanding its role in Appreciative Admission and Advising.
  • Examining strategies for addressing issues that can produce effective advisor training programs.

Who Should Attend

  • Admissions professionals
  • Enrollment management leaders
  • Academic advisors
  • Student affairs professionals, etc.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Kent Seaver
Kent Seaver has 18 years of experience in the field of student assessment and academic success. At North Lake College in Irving, TX he has enjoyed success in working with the new to college student, home school students, , transfer students, and returning student veterans. He is presently the Director of Learning Resou... More info

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    Presenter(s): Kent Seaver