Effective Documentation: Remain Compliant with FERPA and ADA (EDUN52X)

Presented By: Dr. Sue Ohrablo , Ed.D
Pre-recorded Webinar
90 minutes
Thu, November 5, 2015
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1.5 Credits
Event Description

Achieve Compliance in Electronic Documentation and Minimize Institution Risks While Effectively Ensuring Ease of Communication

Technology has allowed higher education professionals the opportunity to document service, keep notes, and communicate across departments. As the ease of communication has increased, so has the risk for increased scrutiny and access to confidential information by third parties. It is essential that we are careful in protecting the institution's liability while effectively communicating with colleagues.

In today's higher education environment, student records are often managed through the use of student databases and other electronic means. There is more transparency than ever, as departments and constituents now have access to records that were once locked away in a filing cabinet. Similarly, personnel from throughout the institution rely on notes to document the delivery of service and verify actions that have been taken on behalf of students. These records are also critical in defending charges such as "no one ever told me."

Comprehensive electronic documentation should provide enough information for an objective reader to understand, and capture the details of services provided. Learn how to create effective notes while minimizing risk to the institution, in this session by expert speaker Dr. Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D. She will also help you undertake a litmus test for effective documentation, explain how you can remain compliant with FERPA and ADA, and show how to craft objective notes that minimize risk of bias.

Session Highlights:

  • Learn guidelines for effective notations
  • Discuss various types of notes and when to use them
  • Examine examples of documentation that puts an institution at risk for legal action
  • Learn what to include and what not to include in your documentation
  • Identify types of electronic documentation including emails, student databases, online chats and discussion boards, and instant messaging.
  • Identify a litmus test for effective documentation
  • Understand how to remain compliant with FERPA and ADA
  • Learn to craft objective notes that minimize risk of bias

Who Should Attend

New and experienced academic advisors, advising administrators, faculty, student support professionals, academic and student affairs professionals.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Sue Ohrablo Ed.D
Sue is a nationally recognized speaker in the areas of academic advising and student services. Her presentations blend theory and practice, and include real-world scenarios for professionals to apply as they work to support students. Sue's areas of expertise include comprehensive developmental advising, student engagem... More info

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