Gender Inclusivity: How to Improve Male-Female Workplace Interactions (EDU518A)

Presented By: Dr. Valerie Patrick
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Level the Communication Field

Communication in the workplace, and particularly in academic settings, has never been more important or hotly debated—especially when it comes to the gender inequalities still inherent in everyday interactions. Such inequities can have serious consequences for college and university culture, such as by creating unintended barriers to performance either for students or for faculty and other staff. If communication between the genders is a problem at your institution, you and your students risk being held back.

Dr. Valerie Patrick has nearly three decades of experience in the corporate world and is a certified expert in problem solving, talent development, and change management. Join her in this information-packed live audio conference as she equips you to understand and improve gender interactions in the workplace. Learn to identify power-play dynamics, such as between a mentor and mentee—a particularly critical relationship to get right if your institution is going to support students pursuing degrees outside of gendered norms, such as women in STEM.

After attending this audio event, you will be ready address inequity challenges and improve male-female workplace interactions. Learn proven techniques to improve communication between and among various university populations: administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Patrick will also provide effective tactics to tackle some of the cognitive biases that get in the way of effective male-female interactions. If communication is important in your setting, you can’t afford to miss this presentation.

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what you will uncover:

  • 6 dimensions of gender inclusivity for an organization or group
  • 5 challenges to gender inclusivity
  • The role of gender norms in limiting the performance and contribution of others
  • 8 gendered leadership traits which are all-important to effective leadership
  • 12 tactics to address the challenges of gender inclusivity

Who Should Attend

  • STEM faculty
  • University students pursuing STEM degrees
  • Administrative assistants
  • Assessment and accreditation specialists
  • Compliance specialists and managers
  • Office managers
  • Academic advisors
  • Career counselors
  • Career placement specialists
  • Conference and event administrators
  • Continuing education program administrators
  • Curriculum design specialists and administrators
  • Economic and business development administrators
  • Faculty development specialists
  • Fundraising administrators
  • Human resource specialists
  • Marketing and communication specialists
  • Program managers
  • Public relations specialists and managers
  • School chancellors, deans, academic vice-presidents, provosts, administrative vice-presidents, administrative provosts, and presidents

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get a direct response from our extremely knowledgeable speaker.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Valerie Patrick
Valerie Patrick, Ph.D. and president of Fulcrum Connection LLC, is a trained chemical engineer (B.S. from Bucknell University and M.S., PhD. from California Institute of Technology) who spent 25 years in the corporate world and then founded Fulcrum Connection LLC in 2013. Dr. Patrick advanced from an entry-level techni... More info