Proactive Advising and Support (EDU174C)

Presented By: Dr. Sue Ohrablo , Ed.D
Pre-recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Fri, January 20, 2017
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Event Description

Learn Strategies for Proactively Delivering Academic Advising to Maximize Student Success

Academic advising plays a critical role in the support and retention of college students. Academic advisors are looked upon to provide accurate, timely information to broad student populations with diverse needs. When students encounter difficulties, they may point to lack of information and support as the source, maintaining, “Nobody told me,” “I didn’t know where to go,” “My advisor is never available” as the reason for their problems. Alternately, advisors are challenged with managing inquiries and requests from increasingly large advisee populations, and may not perceive time for including proactive outreach into their daily functions.

In this session, expert speaker Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D., will discuss strategies for proactively delivering academic advising and student support in an effort to engage students, help them to avoid potential obstacles, provide information, and manage advisor workload. Proactive advising is an extremely effective way of letting your students know you care about them. In a time when student enrollments are decreasing, it is essential to engage our students in order to maximize their success as well as institutional effectiveness.

Session Highlights

  • Recognize the pros and cons of proactive advising, as well as challenges and successes related to proactive advising.
  • Identify proactive outreach methods and strategies.
  • Identify who will benefit from proactive advising and examine programs and initiatives to serve these students.
  • Learn how to anticipate student needs and proactively address them to maximize student success.
  • Apply strategies to effectively engage students.
  • Develop ways to reduce student traffic and proactively manage high advisor workload.

Who should attend?

  • New and experienced academic advisors,
  • Advising administrators,
  • Student success professionals,
  • Student affairs personnel, and
  • Individuals who work to support students in other capacities

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Sue Ohrablo Ed.D
Sue is a nationally recognized speaker in the areas of academic advising and student services. Her presentations blend theory and practice, and include real-world scenarios for professionals to apply as they work to support students. Sue's areas of expertise include comprehensive developmental advising, student engagem... More info

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