Innovation and Engagement: Creating and Adapting Programs for Student Success (EDU675M)

Presented By: Kent Seaver
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60 minutes
1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT
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Event Description

Strategies to Create Innovative and Engaging Programs for Success

Various models and structures exist in the way colleges and universities deal with the needs of the various student cohorts that walk the halls of higher education. However, there has been no shortage of research documenting the extent to which developmental education courses under-serve academically under-prepared students; traditional developed curriculums typically award no college credit yet cost students time and money, while showing dismal persistence rates. Regardless of who is doing the talking, certain questions and methods should be utilized to ensure that student are given every opportunity to succeed in college.

This session by expert speaker Kent Seaver will examine the alternatives (successful examples and practical information) to traditional developmental education programs, which are new and innovative, and engage the students by embracing resources and concepts that are integral to student success. By looking at engagement and adaptation as it relates to higher education programs, staff, and curriculum, the session will provide new methods to help students succeed. In addition, with that success means institutional success.

The session will look at both concepts and programs and will discuss how a blending of idea and practical application can turn stagnation into innovation. As college students change in demographics and need, so must the practices of student engagement in higher education. You can take back to your institutions possible and practical solutions to address students from various cohorts and their need for a more “hand’s on” approach to academic intervention.

Session Highlights

  • Why “one-size” does not fit all
  • Examine the need for engagement during pre-enrollment
  • Illustrate active learning as it relates to program adaptation
  • How to implement intrusive academic advising strategies in conjunction with the best practices that benefit both students and institutions
  • The connection between successful, adaptive programs and workforce needs

Who Should Attend

This session is perfect for those in academic advising offices, as well as faculty specifically charged with attaining or increasing academic success and completion in 2 and 4-year colleges. Finally, those invested in the graduation rates of colleges would benefit from understanding how this process relates not only to enrollment, but also to the eventual goal of transfer and/or graduation.

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get a direct response from our extremely knowledgeable speaker.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Kent Seaver
Kent Seaver has 18 years of experience in the field of student assessment and academic success. At North Lake College in Irving, TX he has enjoyed success in working with the new to college student, home school students, , transfer students, and returning student veterans. He is presently the Director of Learning Resou... More info

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